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We create a human-like web traffic bot. It can increase the ranking of Google rankings higher. harmlessly from our over 3 years of experimentation

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Don't do anything Your website may get banned and your business crashes, but if you can't take the risk, use us instead.

Local Traffic

Get real IP from your country. This has a positive effect on rankings that are in line with the principles Google likes.

SEO Service

Comprehensive services by which we do SEO and Search Engine marketing. You can view all services here. Click

You can’t grow your business, If the website receives no traffic

We speed up Google’s interaction to help you rank higher than before. After that, more people will buy your products or services. Tips that many websites use Is to increase traffic intelligently in the way that Google thinks bots are real people. You can see that some of the top 3 websites have almost nothing on the web content. On page is a lot worse than ours. But why rank higher than us? which he uses to increase traffic and the benefits are as follows

Is it true that reducing traffic lowers rankings?

No, if you’re already using organic traffic generation and adding traffic, it won’t lower your rankings. But need to plan the addition properly. Bots must be human, reasonable, realistic, realistic and consistent until Google is indistinguishable. This is our secret formula. using our analytics experience Each website behaves differently. Our work can be measured and actually reported. Don’t be afraid of falling But it’s possible if you hire someone else to do it, or it’s a remedial job if you’re not sure. You can talk to us via Email.

Need Real Visitor

we can provide But the price has increased a bit. but can actually get real people and increase sales Because there are people who buy up to 100,000 people per month.

Your History

We have to understand your website before, whether it has had problems before or not. Have you ever used Black Hat SEO or not? Because if so, we can make it rank up in the right way and not waste time.

Suite for Your

Traffic works must look at website characteristics, website age, keywords and competitors, so that you can plan your campaign accordingly.

If it doesn’t go up, I’ll refund.

We don’t guarantee rank, it’s not an SEO service, increasing traffic is just one factor. But we are happy to refund if there is no traffic to your website.


1. Fill Order Detail and Pay.

You can choose to view the Package below and enter the details. into the purchase order for your own benefit Our prices are the best value for money. Choose now.

2.Confirm Working

To help us work more easily, We need to talk to you again through the contact you provided. After that we will summarize the operational data for you.

3.Process and Report

Step 2 of Google Search Console is implemented within an hour. Quick measurement Upon completion of the agreement, a summary will be sent.

We can generate web traffic for you from anywhere.

1.Search  2.Direct  3.Refferal(Back Link) 4.Social

We mix these 4 things together. according to the proportion of your web type Which must be appropriate, otherwise Google will think that you create a bot to your website, for example, a credit website must have higher traffic from Refferal than other types of websites, or news websites, weather, must come from social, higher than gambling websites because gambling websites have more traffic Must be from Direct at a rate of up to 58.7%. This is the exclusivity we have.

Our ability to simulate human behavior

Search & Click

Allow the bots to search Google for your “Keyword,” then click on our website to help Google rank you higher. as a result of not using another website

 Bounce Rate

When selecting the option to visit your web page You can reduce your website’s bounce rate. by setting up from us that are not like other websites

Session Time

Web timer The time on the site can be selected up to 10 minutes and can be switched for each IP that is unique.

Pageviews Behavior

A human-like pageview setup. In addition, we’ll examine your website’s history and current behavior. We customized it to your web habits.


We can set up multiple devices. Whether it is a mobile phone, a computer, based on the user’s original behavior, then determine the proportion

Return Rate

The Return Rate, similar to the Bounce Rate, describes the level of engagement a website visitor has in how loyal your website is.

Geo Targeted Country

Web Traffic
Global Networks

Our vast global network which is one of the fastest networks in the world


Cities in 100+ countries are Geo-Targeted. in almost every country

3 M++ IP

Maximum 1 million global IPs. A small country may not reach this number

100 K

support real humans with higher prices if you want, but in not real human are fine

9 M Hit/D

Can do pageviews up to 9 million per link

Plan and Pricing


$ 15 Daily
  • Geo Targeting
  • 20,000 hits/Day


$ 35 Daily
  • Geo Targeting
  • 46,700 hits/Day


$ 90 Daily
  • Geo Targeting
  • 133,000 hits/Day

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The term “organic traffic” refers to people who find your company’s website or blog via search engine results or other unpaid sources. Your website attracts visitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) and free search engine sources like Google, Yahoo, or Bing can be used to increase traffic to a website.

Not necessarily, but it does appear to be genuine organic traffic. Over the course of three years of testing, we’ve come to the conclusion that Organic Traffic is the best option, and we’ve achieved a click-through rate of 99.99 percent.

For long-distance competitors, SEO is an absolute must. Your rivals are almost certainly investing a significant amount of time and money into driving traffic to their sites.

They are focusing on “Keywords” that have a lot of value. This means you can’t ignore search engine optimization (SEO) any longer.

Because of this, your website’s high traffic can help Google rank it higher and compete with other websites.

We don’t click on ads because we don’t want to risk anything with PPC ads. As a result, you won’t break any rules. In the case of Adsense, we don’t load ads by default. You won’t be able to see any impressions by default.

We accept all types of websites